The SemLIS team ended in April 2022, and its members moved to the teams LACODAM and DRUID (see the “Team” page for details).

The main objective of the SemLIS team is to bring back to users the power on their data.
It aims at facilitating data-user interaction by making users more autonomous and agile, by providing flexibility and expressivity, and yet control and confidence in the information system. It should support users in the semantic representation of heterogeneous data, and in the collaborative acquisition of domain knowledge.

Its scientific foundations are

  • logics and formal languages for knowledge representation and reasoning,
  • the Semantic Web,
  • information systems,
  • natural language processing,
  • symbolic data mining,
  • user-data interaction, and
  • group decision and negotiation.

A key idea is to reconcile the power of formal languages and the usability of natural language and interaction.
On the application side, the focus is put on social sciences and on business intelligence.

SemLIS is a research team at the IRISA laboratory, in the department of Data and Knowledge Management.

SemLISIRISAUniv. Rennes 1INSA Rennes

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