Semantic Web

  • Sparklis – complex queries and exploratory search for SPARQL endpoints at your fingertips!

    An HTML5/Javascript application that combines the interactivity of faceted search, the expressivity of SPARQL, and the availability of SPARQL endpoints. It connects to DBpedia by default, but other SPARQL endpoints can be used (including on localhost).
    Publications about Sparklis can be found on Google Scholars.

  • SEWELISSEmantic WEb Logical Information System

    A Semantic Web tool for the guided exploration and authoring of RDF graphs.

  • SQUALLSemantic Query and Update High-Level Language

    A controlled natural language for querying (and updating) SPARQL endpoints.

  • PEWPossible World Explorer

    An adaptation of SEWELIS for the design and completion of OWL ontologies through the exploration and elimination of possible worlds (pew! pew!).

  • Conceptual KNNDiscovering clusters of similar nodes in RDF graphs

    A Java library based on Apache Jena for computing the concepts of neighbours of a tuple of nodes. Each concept is composed of an extension and an intension. The extension is a set of similar tuples, and the intension is a tuple description (a graph pattern) that represents what the similar tuples have in common with the given tuple. The size of the extension can serve as a distance measure, and the size of the intension can serve as a similarity measure.
    A graphical user interface is also available to experiment with concepts of neighbours here. Alternatively, a A||Go web service is available to compute concepts of neighbours without bothering about any setup.

Natural language processing

An application of Sparklis to help Foreigners learn about Georgian conjugation


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